End Online Series by D. Wolfin

4.07 · 50 ratings
  • End Online: Volume 1 (End Online #1)

    End Online: Volume 1 (End Online #1)

    D. Wolfin

    · 12 ratings · published 2014

    Is a second chance possible? After being involved in a terrible accident I was left in a wheelchair, with the only modern treatment costing more than I could ever imagine. The society I live in is a segregated one, where it may not spoken aloud but everyone knows their place. In my turmoil, I turned to virtual reality, a brand new virtual reality MMO game called 'End Online' where I could once again walk. Perhaps in this second world I will get another chance... more

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  • End Online: Volume 2 (End Online #2)

    End Online: Volume 2 (End Online #2)

    D. Wolfin

    · 10 ratings · published 2015

    Can I really do this? Even if I work hard, for some reason things still don’t go right. Is there some secret to success? What is it that I have to do. I want to see my sisters, but how can I possibly face them as a failure.I have an AI that has invaded my V-Link, a whole myriad of people who are angry at me for a variety of reasons. Yet I will work hard, harder than I ever have before. -Hollis Silvester

  • End Online: Volume 3 (End Online #3)

    End Online: Volume 3 (End Online #3)

    D. Wolfin

    · 10 ratings · published 2015

    I travelled as far north as I could possibly go. At least, as far as I could without crossing the ocean.In my journey I found the existance of other races, and made the journey to come the their rescue.With new companions, I attempted the impossible. Where only thinking outside of the box offers could offer a solution.-Hollis Silvester

  • End Online: Volume 4 (End Online #4)

    End Online: Volume 4 (End Online #4)

    D. Wolfin

    · 10 ratings · published 2015

    Fleeing rumors and (entirely legitimate) accustations of criminal arson, Lost and company leave the kingdom of Glace and begin their journey to Dalbe, the kingdom of Summer. In addition to being an inadvertent arsonist, Lost’s actions have drawn hostility from other parties both inside and outside the game. Lucas Lee, a billionaire tycoon blames Lost for his daughter’s amnesia while the insane guild leader Chronix doubles down on his quest for vengeance... more

  • End Online: Volume 5 (End Online #5)

    End Online: Volume 5 (End Online #5)

    D. Wolfin

    · 8 ratings · published 2016

    Beyond the kingdoms. The conclusion of the Royal Summer Tournament has turned Lost and his party into a local celebrity. The players become the paparazzi as he tries to escape pursuit. What lies beyond the three kingdoms? Is it a location where Lost can escape from other players, or will they be lying in wait? Foreboding of a game changing event lurks in the background and approaches faster than anyone can realize... more

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