Serial Series by Jaden Wilkes, Lily White

3.95 · 22 ratings
  • Serial, Volume One (Serial #1)

    Serial, Volume One (Serial #1)

    Jaden Wilkes, Lily White

    · 12 ratings · published 2014

    Serial. A brand new dark, erotic thriller from the twisted minds of Lily White and Jaden Wilkes. Jude Hollister kills. Born with everything, wanting for nothing, murder has become his addiction. He kills women who entice him. He immortalizes them while they’re still young and beautiful. How will he manage to save the one woman he loves? Ronnie Lapierre is a survivor. Born with nothing, she’s struggling in a dead end job with an abusive bastard for a boyfriend... more

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  • Serial, Volume Two (Serial #2)

    Serial, Volume Two (Serial #2)

    Jaden Wilkes, Lily White

    · 10 ratings · published 2014

    Follow along as Jude teaches Ronnie her new place in his life while battling the rising need to kill...while Ronnie adapts to Jude's mysterious ways and increasing demands...and as Donovan hunts Jude and fights his own dark urges. This is the second instalment in the exciting erotic thriller, Serial...a serial about a serial killer and the one he loves and the one who wants to destroy him. ***This one ends on a cliffy that will leave you with a throbbing lady boner for Jude... more

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