Loving Your Enemy Series by Talia Ellison

3.67 · 12 ratings
  • Hers to Take (Loving Your Enemy #1)

    Hers to Take (Loving Your Enemy #1)

    Talia Ellison

    · 7 ratings · published 2016

    The last thing Octavia expects when she finds herself with Aaron Viteri’s gun pressed to the back of her head is that he won’t pull the trigger. After all, she’s a Ferrara, and her family and the Viteris have been enemies for decades. Not to mention she has snuck into his apartment to steal the files her family desperately needs. But Aaron offers her a deal. He’ll spare her life if she pretends to be his sex slave and helps him take over his father’s business... more

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  • Hers to Save (Loving Your Enemy #2)

    Hers to Save (Loving Your Enemy #2)

    Talia Ellison

    · 3 ratings · published 2016

    Since her relationship with Aaron is no longer a secret, Octavia is determined to convince her family that what she and Aaron share is real. However, her family’s disapproval is the least of her worries. Roberto wants her dead, but first he intends to take Aaron away from her, and he might just have a perfect plan on how to do that. This is the second installment in the three-book Loving Your Enemy series.

  • Hers to Love (Loving Your Enemy #3)

    Hers to Love (Loving Your Enemy #3)

    Talia Ellison

    · 2 ratings · published 2017

    Octavia is intent on finding out the truth behind the video Jason showed her, and she won’t let anyone stop her. But when her brother Tony goes missing, the prime suspect in his disappearance is Sebastian Viteri, who is back in town and wishes to run his late brother’s business. Facing a new dangerous and devious enemy, Octavia will have to seek help from an unexpected ally and race against time to save those she loves... more

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