Charleston Thrashers Series by Julianna Keyes

4.11 · 9 ratings
  • Team Player (Charleston Thrashers #1)

    Team Player (Charleston Thrashers #1)

    Julianna Keyes

    · 6 ratings · published 2019

    BOTTOM NINE Gwen Scott wants to love her job with the Charleston Thrashers, the MLB team she’s worshiped since she was a kid, but she can’t. Hateful colleagues and mind-numbing work make her days unbearable—until her head for baseball gets her exclusive access to the Thrashers’ clubhouse and she comes face-to-face with Tyler Ashe, the team’s sexy shortstop and baseball’s most ineligible bachelor... more

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  • Bench Player (Charleston Thrashers #2)

    Bench Player (Charleston Thrashers #2)

    Julianna Keyes

    · 3 ratings · published 2020

    ALLISONAs Public Relations Manager for the Charleston Thrashers, I’m responsible for protecting the team’s reputation. But after our right fielder gets sent to prison and we lose the World Series, my own reputation takes a huge hit. There’s only one way I can save my job: by revamping Connor Whitman’s tarnished ex-con image. Keeping my eye on the ball isn’t a problem until I discover what’s underneath his unkempt exterior—a man who’s unexpectedly vulnerable and distractingly sexy... more

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