King's Trace Antiheroes Series by Sav R. Miller

3.94 · 62 ratings
  • Sweet Surrender (King's Trace Antiheroes #1)

    Sweet Surrender (King's Trace Antiheroes #1)

    Sav R. Miller

    · 23 ratings · published 2023

    From the international bestselling author of Promises and Pomegranates comes a dark and steamy marriage of convenience romance between a small town mafia boss and a corrupt politician's daughter.After his father’s retirement, Elia Montalto took over organized crime in King’s Trace, Maine. His pragmatic nature makes him popular and allows alliances with government officials, which keeps prying eyes off his business... more

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  • Sweet Solitude (King's Trace Antiheroes #2)

    Sweet Solitude (King's Trace Antiheroes #2)

    Sav R. Miller

    · 20 ratings · published 2023

    From international bestselling author Sav R. Miller comes a steamy and twisted love story between two humans haunted by their pasts.In the wake of her father’s death, lonely Juliet Harrison struggles with the guilt over her loss. She deals with it the way she deals with everything: by burying her feelings beneath impulsive decisions and desecrating the local graveyard. But Juliet isn’t as invisible as she believes... more

  • Sweet Sacrifice (King's Trace Antiheroes #3)

    Sweet Sacrifice (King's Trace Antiheroes #3)

    Sav R. Miller

    · 19 ratings · published 2023

    From international bestselling author Sav R. Miller comes a gritty and steamy romance between a morally gray cybersecurity engineer and his best friend's younger sister.Fiona Ivers has been in love with her brother’s best friend since she was a kid. He’s older and oblivious to her existence—which only makes her want him more. She’s always believed he was disinterested, until a charity gala pushes them together. There, she realizes maybe he pays more attention than he’s ever let on... more

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