A Blissful Omegaverse Series by Kate King, Jessa Wilder

4.03 · 25 ratings
  • Pack Bound (A Blissful Omegaverse #1)

    Pack Bound (A Blissful Omegaverse #1)

    Kate King, Jessa Wilder

    · 12 ratings · published 2022

    They claimed my heat, I claimed their hearts In a world where Omegas are cherished, Alphas are revered, and Betas are forgotten I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Growing up in foster care, my friends and I took care of each other. Ares, Killian, Rafe, and Nox, were my everything: my first loves, my only family, my pack. The same night they told me we’d be together forever, I presented as an omega, and everything changed... more

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  • Pack Bliss (A Blissful Omegaverse #2)

    Pack Bliss (A Blissful Omegaverse #2)

    Kate King, Jessa Wilder

    · 13 ratings · published 2022

    For a moment, I thought I had everything, only to have my happiness snatched away from me by more betrayals and lies.Ares, Rafe, Killian and Nox abandoned me four years ago, and now their final secret has come out: They’ve been working with the institute who hurt my friends and tried to sell me to the highest bidder; a deranged alpha who tried to leave me bred and broken.This time, the pack’s gone too far. I’m done hearing their excuses. I’m done handing out second chances... more

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