Where We Stand (Life After War #6)

by Angela White

4.13 · 8 ratings · Published: Nov 30th, 2013  | 

Where We Stand by Angela White
The soldiers are coming for Adrian... and everyone else like him.
Safe Haven has grown too powerful to be ignored any longer and the surviving government wants these dangerous Descendants secured for their own use or eliminated. And they couldn't have chosen a better time to reemerge.
Safe Haven has a new leader and XO, and a thick wall of fresh challenges to overcome. Adrian's condition is critical, the camp isn't ready to accept the existence of magic, mother nature still has them in her crosshairs, and they are low on food, water, and fuel. The next eight weeks might be the hardest they've worked, and still not be enough to ensure survival.
Can they bring the pieces together in time or will this be the end of Safe Haven Refugee Camp?


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Where We Stand by Angela White