Logan : A Medical Romance (Hazelview Medics #3)

by Clara Cruise

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[?] · 1 ratings · Published: Dec 31st, 2020

Logan : A Medical Romance by Clara Cruise
A marketing executive who’s been through a lot.

A neurosurgeon with an inexplicable attraction towards a frightened, petite red-haired woman.

Is there a chance for an epic love?

A highly capable and successful marketing executive, Faye Jensen feels like her middle name should be ‘clumsiness’, or maybe ‘traumatic experiences’. After everything that she’s been through with nobody who’d care about her except for her best friend, Rayne, she’s beginning to believe she’ll never find happiness. Maybe, if she was more like Rayne, brave and strong and confident… But she’s not. She’s just frightened little Faye, and not even Doctor Logan Harrick from the Hazelview Memorial Hospital can change that.

And he wants to, he really does. But he doesn’t even know where to start.

From the moment he met her, Logan realizes that there’s deep sadness in Faye, and that it’s wearing her down. He doesn’t understand what’s causing such sadness in a beautiful redhead and an accomplished marketing executive. And yet, the sadness is there – and Faye isn’t opening up.

Logan is certain of one thing: Faye is the one he wants to love and cherish forever. But can he convince her to trust him, open up about her past, and move on with him, or is he going to scare her off and make her run away from her chance at an epic love?
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Logan : A Medical Romance by Clara Cruise