A Throne of Ruin (Deliciously Dark Fairytales #2)

K.F. Breene

Rated: 4.10 of 5 stars
4.10 · Steam/Spice level: 5 of 5
Explicit and plentiful [?] · 82 ratings · Published: 12 Nov 2021

A Throne of Ruin by K.F. Breene
The only thing protecting me from the demons...is the beast.

Nyfain, the golden dragon prince, tried to set me free. But there is no freedom in this kingdom. Not for anyone.

The demons have sought me out. They want to trap me. To use me against Nyfain.

It's only a matter of time before they call in the demon king.

Nyfain thinks I should save myself. That I should barter with the demon king to escape this place.

But can I give myself to the creature responsible for torturing the people I love?

In order to save them, though, I might not have a choice.
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