Fantasyland Series by Kristen Ashley

4.30 · 584 ratings
  • Wildest Dreams (Fantasyland #1)

    Wildest Dreams (Fantasyland #1)

    Kristen Ashley

    · 127 ratings · published 2013

    Seoafin “Finnie” Wilde was taught by her parents that every breath was a treasure and to seek every adventure she could find. And she learns this lesson the hard way when they perish in a plane crash. But she never forgets and when she discovers there is a parallel universe where every person has a twin, she finds a witch who can send her there so she can have the adventure of a lifetime... more

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  • The Golden Dynasty (Fantasyland #2)

    The Golden Dynasty (Fantasyland #2)

    Kristen Ashley

    · 245 ratings · published 2013

    Circe Quinn goes to sleep at home and wakes up in a corral filled with women wearing sacrificial virgin attire - and she is one of them. She soon finds out that she’s not having a wild dream, she’s living a frightening nightmare where she’s been transported to a barren land populated by a primitive people and in short order, she’s installed very unwillingly on her white throne of horns as their Queen... more

  • Fantastical (Fantasyland #3)

    Fantastical (Fantasyland #3)

    Kristen Ashley

    · 101 ratings · published 2013

    Cora Goode has woken up in a fairytale world where she can understand what birds are saying to her, men ride horses and have fluffy feathers in their hats and furniture zigs, zags and whirls in miracles of construction. The problem is, she thinks she’s in a dream but she’s actually taken the place of the parallel universe Cora and without realizing it, our Cora does something that starts a centuries old curse that will sweep the land if she gets captured by the evil Minerva... more

  • Broken Dove (Fantasyland #4)

    Broken Dove (Fantasyland #4)

    Kristen Ashley

    · 64 ratings · published 2013

    Far too young, Apollo Ulfr lost Ilsa, his wife, the love of his life and the mother of his two children. The grief of her loss does not settle in his soul, it solders to it. But when he discovers there is a parallel universe where his wife may have a twin, he feels there's hope and sets about bringing her to his world so he can have her back. But Ilsa Ulfr of our world is married to the parallel universe's twin, Pol, who is not a good man. Not in any way... more

  • Midnight Soul (Fantasyland #5)

    Midnight Soul (Fantasyland #5)

    Kristen Ashley

    · 33 ratings · published 2016

    Against his will, Noctorno Hawthorne, an undercover vice cop, finds himself embroiled in magic, mayhem and parallel universes. Too late, he meets an amazing woman only to find she’s destined for his identical twin in another world. And things aren’t going real great there. Noc is recruited to help save that world. What he doesn’t know is his destined love resides there. Franka Drakkar wears a mask... more

  • Gossamer in the Darkness (Fantasyland #5.5)

    Gossamer in the Darkness (Fantasyland #5.5)

    Kristen Ashley

    · 14 ratings · published 2022

    New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Kristen Ashley brings a new story in her Fantasyland series…Their engagement was set when they were children. Loren Copeland, the rich and handsome Marquess of Remington, would marry Maxine Dawes, the stunning daughter of the Count of Derryman. It’s a power match. The perfect alliance for each house.However, the Count has been keeping secret a childhood injury that means Maxine can never marry... more

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