Dark in You Series by Suzanne Wright

4.36 · 561 ratings
  • Burn (Dark in You #1)

    Burn (Dark in You #1)

    Suzanne Wright

    · 171 ratings · published 2015

    Part of a small demon lair in North Las Vegas, tattooist Harper Wallis lives a pretty simple life. That changes overnight when she discovers that her psychic mate, or ‘anchor’, is a guy who’s rumored to be the most powerful demon in existence. Compelling, full of secrets and armed with raw sexuality, Knox Thorne is determined to claim her as his anchor, creating a psychic bond that will prevent their inner demons from ever turning rogue. The billionaire also wants Harper in his bed... more

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  • Blaze (Dark in You #2)

    Blaze (Dark in You #2)

    Suzanne Wright

    · 116 ratings · published 2016

    Defeat the enemy. Win the boy. Live happily ever after. But life "ever after" isn't as easy as it used to be. Harper's gone from being a member of a small demon lair to co-Prime of one of the most powerful lairs in the US with a mate who, though hot as hell, is just a mite overprotective - I mean, you get kidnapped by dark practitioners just once ... Then one of Knox's demons goes rogue, and in his madness decides Knox Thorne must die. Harper's worried... more

  • Ashes (Dark in You #3)

    Ashes (Dark in You #3)

    Suzanne Wright

    · 104 ratings · published 2017

    Knox and Harper's story continues as the Las Vegas lair - and its two infamous Co-Primes - face their most terrifying enemy yet . . . Together, Harper and Knox have overcome just about every evil thing you can think of - from Horsemen of the Apocalypse to dark magic practitioners to Lucifer's insistent belief that he's hilarious. They're looking forward to some well-earned downtime - until Harper is attacked by mercenaries in the middle of her tattoo shop... more

  • Embers (Dark in You #4)

    Embers (Dark in You #4)

    Suzanne Wright

    · 56 ratings · published 2018

    Harper and Knox are back and better than ever! The fourth book in Suzanne Wright's globally bestselling The Dark in You series is not to be missed. The final horseman awaits . . . and the stakes have never been higher. With the birth of their son, Asher, Harper and Knox are both more powerful and more vulnerable than they've ever been before... more

  • Shadows (Dark in You #5)

    Shadows (Dark in You #5)

    Suzanne Wright

    · 33 ratings · published 2019

    A match made in hell? Devon and Tanner fight like... well, cats and dogs. Which, to be fair, makes sense since hellcats and hellhounds aren't exactly a match made in heaven. Unfortunately, their demons' antipathy towards each other is matched only by the red-hot sexual tension between Tanner and Devon. It's driving them - and their long-suffering friends Harper and Knox - mad... more

  • Omens (Dark in You #6)

    Omens (Dark in You #6)

    Suzanne Wright

    · 31 ratings · published 2020

    She's the one thing he can't control . . . Since Keenan's traumatic childhood he's made sure he's always in control. Of himself, and of the world around him. But Khloe drives him crazy. She's an imp, so getting under people's skin is basically her job description, but Khloe makes him - and his body - respond in ways he's never known. Keenan is the mistake Khloe knows she shouldn't make... more

  • Fallen (Dark in You #7)

    Fallen (Dark in You #7)

    Suzanne Wright

    · 29 ratings · published 2021

    Only a few are brave enough to fall . . .When Raini desperately needed help, she went to the one person who she knew could save her dying friend . . . her secretive and ruthlessly powerful anchor, Maddox. His price was that she grant him access to her life, yet he's still determined not to form the anchor bond with Raini. That rejection stings, even while she can't stop her body - or her demon - reacting to his presence... more

  • Reaper (Dark in You #8)

    Reaper (Dark in You #8)

    Suzanne Wright

    · 21 ratings · published 2022

    The next sizzling paranormal romance in Suzanne Wright's globally bestselling The Dark in You seriesWhat readers are saying about Suzanne Wright: 'The chemistry sizzles off the page' Netgalley review'Hot as hell . . more

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