Marauders Series by Lina Andersson

4.02 · 69 ratings
  • Arrow of Time (Marauders #1)

    Arrow of Time (Marauders #1)

    Lina Andersson

    · 16 ratings · published 2013

    After traveling around the world for six years, both running from her past and seeking her future, Edie Yates is back in Greenville, Arizona to reconnect with her older sister, Melanie. While Edie was away, Melanie married Brick Baxter, president of the Marauder Riders MC, and found a real family, the likes of which neither Melanie nor Edie had ever known. Now Melanie wants Edie to know the love and security of that family. And she does... more

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  • Perfect Collision (Marauders #2)

    Perfect Collision (Marauders #2)

    Lina Andersson

    · 22 ratings · published 2014

    Brian 'Bear' Warren, the Vice President of the Marauder Riders MC, is a typical biker. He likes beer, women, and bikes. His only soft spot is his youngest daughter, Violet. She's a shy, careful, and insecure girl, who generally did her very best to be noticed as little as possible. Bear always did his best to protect her, especially from her own mom, but did an almost too good job at it. Because by the time she turns eighteen, she's still a shy, careful, insecure, and slightly naïve girl... more

  • S-Duality (Marauders #2.5)

    S-Duality (Marauders #2.5)

    Lina Andersson

    · 8 ratings · published 2014

    This isn't a book about an MC, and, though it is a love story, it's not a traditional romance. It's just Sisco's story. At times, Sisco thought about her more often. Pretty much anything could lead him down the path to another memory of her. It hurt, but at the same time he liked those memories because they were a reminder of how he'd once had her—and had been all hers. They met at a party in Seattle, Washington, during the late eighties. She followed him home and never left... more

  • Center of Gravity (Marauders #3)

    Center of Gravity (Marauders #3)

    Lina Andersson

    · 13 ratings · published 2014

    Anna’s goal in life had been set when she was ten years old: she was going to become a principal dancer at the New York City Ballet, and she made it. Her entire life revolved around dancing, and she loved every second of it. But after a split-second lapse of attention, she lost it all. Now, with a heart as broken as her leg, she agrees to follow her aunt Irina back home—to Greenville, Arizona... more

  • Resonance (Marauders #4)

    Resonance (Marauders #4)

    Lina Andersson

    · 10 ratings · published 2015

    Back when Billie Jensen’s life was simple, Tommy Miles had been her older brother’s best friend. They’d had that deeper than blood kind of connection and Tommy had even lived with them for a few years before he and Zach joined the Marines. At some point, that simple life got complicated. When Zach died, it had fallen apart completely. In Zach, Tommy had found his soul brother; it had even included an annoying little sister in the bargain... more

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