Betrothed Series by Penelope Sky

4.37 · 126 ratings
  • Wife (Betrothed #1)

    Wife (Betrothed #1)

    Penelope Sky

    · 12 ratings · published 2019

    I was twenty-one when the gypsy read my future: As punishment for your crimes, you will only love one woman...but she'll never love you back. I didn't believe a word of it. Until I met Sofia Romano almost ten years later. I fell hard for this woman. Would die for this woman. But she left me. Now years have passed and Sofia needs a husband. Her father is gone and her mother is trying to marry her off to a man that can protect their family, protect their company... more

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  • Husband (Betrothed #2)

    Husband (Betrothed #2)

    Penelope Sky

    · 6 ratings · published 2019

    Two years of bitter loneliness have passed. The woman I love is now the woman I hate. I lose myself in beautiful women every night and tell myself that fortune reading was nothing but a scam. But then her mother asks me to marry her. I say yes. Now this woman will be mine forever. Maybe the prophecy really is true. I’m committing to a woman that will never love me in return. But it was better to be her husband than allow someone else to take my place... more

  • Lover (Betrothed #3)

    Lover (Betrothed #3)

    Penelope Sky

    · 17 ratings · published 2020

    The highly anticipated sequel to Penelope Sky’s critically acclaimed series. I lost the only thing that matters to me. My wife. And I’m the only one to blame. I will sacrifice my life, my pride, and everything else for the woman I love. Whether she loves me or not.

  • Committed (Betrothed #4)

    Committed (Betrothed #4)

    Penelope Sky

    · 16 ratings · published 2020

    The conclusion to the insanely popular Betrothed Series by critically acclaimed author Penelope Sky. Hades has done everything for the woman he loves. Now it’s time for Sofia to do the same for him. I never broke the curse...I just changed it. Now I’m forced into a partnership with Maddox, and since I can’t kill him, I have to tolerate him every day. So Sofia leaves me. I’ve sacrificed everything for her, but it’s never enough... more

  • First (Betrothed #5)

    First (Betrothed #5)

    Penelope Sky

    · 14 ratings · published 2020

    Hades retired from the business. Now it’s just me. Look at me now...bitter...angry...depressed. I resent my former friend so much, even hate the guy, but I’ve never been the same since he refused to forgive me. I meet a woman. She’s like all the others...beautiful, interesting, good at the fun stuff, but I don’t feel anything. One woman will love you for you, not your money or your power, but you’ll lose her. And once she’s gone...she’s gone... more

  • Second (Betrothed #6)

    Second (Betrothed #6)

    Penelope Sky

    · 12 ratings · published 2020

    She’s gone. But the fortune can’t be true because she means nothing to me. Nothing at all. But the doubt starts to creep in. My thoughts only focus on one thing. The other women no longer satisfy me. It starts to drive me crazy. When I finally confront her, the horror shatters me. She’s marrying someone else.

  • Forever (Betrothed #7)

    Forever (Betrothed #7)

    Penelope Sky

    · 12 ratings · published 2020

    She’s mine once again but she’s practically a ghost. She’s just using me...not that I mind. But her indifference is suffocating. I mean nothing to her...less than what she used to mean to me. Admissions of regret and apologies aren’t enough to fix it. I have to return to the gypsy...and hope for the best.

  • Lie (Betrothed #8)

    Lie (Betrothed #8)

    Penelope Sky

    · 12 ratings · published 2020

    Why did I let her go? I can't answer that. How do you expect me to answer that when I don't even know? When I see her at the bar six weeks later, she's still the feisty handful that I remember. She owns the room in that tight dress and that fire. Now that she's not dirty in a locked cage...she's stunning. She cleans up good. I decide to say hello...and see what happens.

  • Secret (Betrothed #9)

    Secret (Betrothed #9)

    Penelope Sky

    · 12 ratings · published 2020

    She saved my life. She promised she wouldn't intervene, that her loyalty was to her family, not me. But she did it anyway. Now everything is different. I can feel it with every kiss, every time she's underneath me. This isn't a meaningless fling anymore. It's so much more. I know it...and she knows it.

  • Truth (Betrothed #10)

    Truth (Betrothed #10)

    Penelope Sky

    · 13 ratings · published 2020

    I had no idea she was going to tell Damien. If I did, I would have stopped her. I would have told her the truth myself. Now I'm afraid I'm going to lose her...and there's nothing I can do about it.

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