Lighthouse Security Investigations Series by Maryann Jordan

4.63 · 16 ratings
  • Blake (Lighthouse Security Investigations #5)

    Blake (Lighthouse Security Investigations #5)

    Maryann Jordan

    · 6 ratings · published 2020

    Lighthouse Security Investigations The security and investigation company is filled with handpicked men and women from the SEALs, Rangers, Special Forces, Deltas, and Air Force Special Ops. All trained in CIA Special Operations, the Keepers were the best of the best and ready to take on any mission. Blake…former Delta and adventure lover was stuck on a boring, bodyguard mission for an academic at a conference in French Guiana... more

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  • Tate (Lighthouse Security Investigations #6)

    Tate (Lighthouse Security Investigations #6)

    Maryann Jordan

    · 6 ratings · published 2020

    Country music, his parents, cold beer, and apple pie…just a few of the things Frank Tate loves. The former SEAL, now a Lighthouse Security specialist also loves his job and lives for the next mission. But when a call from home sends him back to the mid-west, the past and present collide as danger follows the girl he left behind years before... more

  • Levi (Lighthouse Security Investigations #7)

    Levi (Lighthouse Security Investigations #7)

    Maryann Jordan

    · 4 ratings · published 2020

    Packed up, loaded up, and ready to move.Heading from Wyoming to Maine to take on his new position with Lighthouse Security Investigations, Levi was hauling his possessions on a leisurely trip across the country, enjoying the sights he rarely had the time to see in his former career with the FBI. Time to get off the highway and take the backroads.Stopping to help a stranded woman was not in his plans. Offering her a ride wasn't either, but the more he was around her, the more he liked her... more

  • Clay (Lighthouse Security Investigations #7)

    Clay (Lighthouse Security Investigations #7)

    Maryann Jordan

    · 1 ratings · published 2021

    Relationships should be simple, right?Clay watched his fellow Lighthouse Security Keepers fall for women while on missions. Growing up with chaos, the last thing he wanted was drama… or surprises.The beautiful concert violinist was just what he hoped for. Smart, talented, and dedicated to the orchestra. And completely separate from his mission chasing drug smugglers.But Christina had a secret… one that brings her right into the middle of his mission... more

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