Trick by Lane Hart

Trick (Cocky Cage Fighter #7)

by Lane Hart

4.63 ·
[?] · 8 ratings · Published: 14 Jan 2017

Trick by Lane Hart
~ Patrick ~

The fairy tales have it all wrong.

Cinderella didn’t fall in love with the prince. He was nothing more to her than an easy escape from her shitty life.

How do I know? Because in this twisted Cinderella story I’m her long-lost stepbrother.

Wilhelmina is about to marry the wrong man. He’s no prince charming, and Mina sure as hell doesn’t love him, so I have no idea why she wants to spend her life with him.

Time’s running out for me to save my stubborn Cinderella by stopping her wedding.

Nothing, not even war, prepared me for this agonizing battle to win Mina’s heart.

Good thing I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve and I don’t mind fighting dirty.

DISCLAIMER: This fictional story is far from a fairy tale. It’s a rather dark spin on Cinderella, only instead of a wicked stepmother, this heroine dreams of escaping years of traumatic sexual abuse. Fair warning that there are a few scenes that could trigger emotional distress before the hero saves the day.
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