Kate: A Mail Order Bride for Rick (Christmas at the Edenwood Hotel #1)

by Ellie Haywood

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Kate: A Mail Order Bride for Rick by Ellie Haywood
A new, sweet, clean, Christmas historical western Mail Order Brides series - Christmas at the Edenwood Hotel! You’ll meet and get to know the four Abernathy brothers who inherited their parent’s hotel. Each one finds himself on a special holiday Bride adventure! Join along with each of the brothers as their unexpected journey unfolds.

In this first book of the series, you'll get to know Rick, the eldest of the four brothers and manager of the hotel. Rick soon realizes that the four boys will need a woman around to help with the cooking and keeping up with the hotel. Although a little on the gruff side, he wants to continue living his quiet, contented life at the hotel, and assumes his bride will be a part of his perfect plan.

Kate, bored with her dull life in Virginia, has a heart of gold and she hates to see any kind of injustice. She wants to move to where she can be more of a help to folks and decides that out West would be the perfect place to accomplish her dream.

After arriving to Edenwood, both Kate and Rick soon discover the challenge before them... especially regarding a group of orphans that have been stealing and roaming the streets of the town. Rick is determined to catch the 'scoundrels' and send them to the sheriff.

Kate, however, is appalled at Rick's attitude and wants to be able to somehow help the children. The nights are growing colder and it’s getting closer to Christmas. Kate presents an idea to Rick and he finally relents... only to have her plan backfire.

What will happen now? Will she be able to soften his heart towards the kids?
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Kate: A Mail Order Bride for Rick by Ellie Haywood