41 great billionaire romance novels you will want to read

Last updated: Jun 9th, 2020

The billionaire trope is probably the blockbuster among the romance book genres. There are at least 20-30 new romance novels featuring a super rich hero in a week. And why not! The appeal, of course, is easy to see:
A take charge, intelligent and savvy alpha male who is able to fulfill the heroine's every dream... Adventures in which money is no object... Economic security for a change! Ha, who would not like this. I love billionaire romance books for the pure escapism - realism be damned for a minute.

So what are the requirements? Not a just millionaire, no no no, that would be way too pedestrian... A really, really rich guy is needed. We are talking planes, private islands, probably for half the world to be in the hands of our hero. He might be a tycoon or royalty, a businessman or underworld king pin. It does not really matter where the money is coming from, as long as he rules his realm with absolute assuredness, a killer instinct and laser focus. Until, that is, he meets his match...

From rather tame on the sizzle scale to some of the hottest erotic romance books out there, from funny to heartbreaking, from sweatheart heroes to absolute jerks-waiting-to-be-reformed, this long list should offer enough suggestions to keep you occupied for a while.

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