Rich Prick by Tijan

Published: 14 Jun 2020
We are delighted to feature Rich Prick by Tijan as weekly top pick.
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Rich Prick by Tijan

1 sentence summary: Nerdy girl crushes on popular asshole with many issues and a lack of coping skills - drama, angst and horniness ensues.

Hero: Kiss, Marry or Kill? That's a kiss from us! As per the title he starts out being a proper jerk, but once Rich Prick Blaise realizes that he is into the heroine, he treasures and protects her somewhat fiercely. Why not marry? Well, he is in high-school, so...

Heroine: World peace bringer or hell raiser? Puppy rescuer or needs rescuing? Tijan herself assured us that Nate Monson's little sister Aspen would rescue that puppy and of course we believe her. Kindhearted and shy, she nonetheless has an adventurous streak and is no pushover.

The plot: Love it or leave it? Love it! This being a quintessential high-school romance, our characters learn how to be in a relationship and deal with trauma from the past, all the while navigating catty friends, big parties and some family drama. The plot touches on dark themes without overwhelming the reader, and it was lovely how mutually supportive the couple was.

Who should read this? Lovers of mean heroes who turn out to be absolutely loving and adoring, and fans of new adult romance books who enjoy their romance with some angst and proper character development.

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