Planet Nerak Series by Karen Kelley

3.71 · 14 ratings
  • Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind (Planet Nerak #1)

    Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind (Planet Nerak #1)

    Karen Kelley

    · 6 ratings · published 2009

    Beam Me Up, Hottie. . . Sex with the perfect man is overrated, especially if your Mr. Perfect is a robot, and you know there's something better out there. Can Mala help it if "out there" is way out there? Her grandmother, an intergalactic traveler, left a diary behind describing the exceptional lovemaking talents of Earth men. There's also a documentary that depicts a comely young woman and a rugged-looking person she calls "Sheriff." There are no Sheriffs on Mala's home planet... more

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  • Cosmic Sex (Planet Nerak #2)

    Cosmic Sex (Planet Nerak #2)

    Karen Kelley

    · 3 ratings · published 2008

    The truth is way out there. Kia can't imagine why her cousin Mala left planet Nerak-utterly perfect in an ever-so-slightly boring kind of way-to go in search of Earth men. At least, not until she meets a virile, muscular human intent on rescuing her (how quaint!) from a bar brawl. And while at first Kia just wants undercover cop Nick Scericino to help locate her cousin, well, it would be a shame to come all this way without finding out whether everything really is bigger in Texas... more

  • Earth Guys Are Easy (Planet Nerak #2)

    Earth Guys Are Easy (Planet Nerak #2)

    Karen Kelley

    · 1 ratings · published 2016

    Undercover cop Nick Scericino always attracts the wrong kind of female. He’s pretty sure his luck hasn’t changed when a sexy young lady strolls into the backwoods bar during a sting operation. Saving her from an overzealous biker cinches his hunch. Who’s playing who? Is she really looking for her cousin or is she part of the Russian mafia drug ring? Kia will stay with the warrior who attempted to protect her. She is also a warrior, although there are no wars, or men, on her perfect planet... more

  • The Bad Boys Guide to the Galaxy (Planet Nerak #3)

    The Bad Boys Guide to the Galaxy (Planet Nerak #3)

    Karen Kelley

    · 2 ratings · published 2008

    Take me to your leader. Come to think of it, just take me. Planet Nerak was perfect--no disease, no darkness, no hunger--until an expedition to Earth brought back an unwanted guest. Enter one talented Nerakian named Lara, sent on a special fact-finding mission in the vast region called Texas. Fortunately, a warrior (he calls himself a "cop") named Sam Jones has offered to help... more

  • Dating Outside Your DNA (Planet Nerak #4)

    Dating Outside Your DNA (Planet Nerak #4)

    Karen Kelley

    · 2 ratings · published 2009

    Special agent Roan Hendrix is a straight shooter with weapons and women, so he doesn't appreciate it when his boss throws him a curve. But what a curve. A half-human, half-Nerakian who needs a one-on-one crash course in how best to channel her powers. And while Roan's usually a master at separating business from pleasure, one glance into Lyraka's green eyes is enough to spark scorching fantasies of seriously close encounters with the tall, tanned temptress.. more

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